I truly enjoyed your yoga class. I took the class several times before from another instructor but did not really feel like I learned everything that I needed to know about the positions and the breathing technique. But you were patient and thorough by taking the time to actually make sure that myself and others in the class understood the technique and what the body was actually doing. I really appreciated the one on one focus that you gave to me and other class members. I left away from the class feeling more confident about my yoga skills and excited about the next opportunity to participate!

LEAH   N. – Duke Energy employee


This letter is to praise the yoga services you so diligently provide to our female adolescent clientele. As you know, our services center around the client’s substance abuse habits and the negative consequences they can have on ones life. These client’s are all characterized as meeting the federal eligibility criteria for a high-risk youth program: economically disadvantaged, a history of substance abuse in the home, repeated problem behavior, teen pregnancy, poor academic performance, chronic absenteeism, low self-esteem, involvement with the juvenile justice system, and/or experiencing dual disorder problems. Most are also working to overcome a history of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. What your services have allowed has been nothing short of remarkable. The physical and mental outlet yoga offers has visibly boosted their self-esteem and has given them alternative ways to deal with their so many emotions. To hear the client’s speak in favor of yoga, even when you are not here, and verbalize with their counselor that they feel yoga has increased their anger management and relaxation skills, lets me know yoga works. Since you began instructing yoga to the female clients’, 8 months ago, the number of infractions and incidents on the girls unit has decreased by 50%. Wow! Could you imagine if they had yoga every day? Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for your dedication and support, and to let you know you have made a difference.

TROY JEFFERSON,   M.Ed., LPC, LMFT, LCDC – Program Manager, Riverside Hospital


Yoga has helped me in many different ways. One great benefit from practicing yoga is, I find myself dealing with my problems in more appropriate ways. Yoga has not only helped me manage my stress, but it also helped me feel more confident about my body. The satisfaction I get from being able to do a pose, I never imagined I could do, is just wonderful. When first begining yoga I had many doubts about being able to do the poses and it helping my body; however, with a wonderful teacher like Mrs. Dotson and several classes, I noticed myself becoming very good at yoga. Another positive that I’ve gained from yoga is my mind being relaxed and I am able to concentrate better on anything I put my mind to. I would encourage everybody and anybody to practice yoga, not only for the fitness of your body or the great benfits, but also for the appreciation you get for life. Being able to turn the negative to positive is one of the key skills we need in life, and being in yoga has really helped me improve that skill. Thank You! Mrs. Dotson

ANGEL S., 15 year-old


I must admit, initially I was one of the skeptics. I did not believe that yoga worked! Monique made me a believer. Not only did I witness her spiritual and physical transformations, I myself changed when I started practicing the art. Yoga has helped me bring calm to sometime stormy situations in my life! I appreciate her patience with me – as she puts it, “There is no such word as CAN’T in the yoga vocabulary.” That’s so encouraging! She always explains to her students that we are all different – our physical make-up is different. You may not be able to lift your leg as high as some of the most skilled yogi’s. However most importantly, don’t stop practicing and eventually you will be amazed at how you’ll personally open up and reach incredible physical levels. No longer a skeptic, now a yogi!



We contacted Monique Dotson to see if she would be interested in giving Yoga lessons to our staff at Six Flags AstroWorld. She was more than delighted to come teach us two lessons a week for six weeks. All of the folks that took the lessons really enjoyed every lesson because Monique made it fun and educational. She gave each one of us her individual attention. I was really excited with my lessons because it has helped me to lose weight, sleep better and just in general feel better. I would highly recommend Monique and will look forward to having classes with her again.

CAROLYN EWING, Six Flags   Astroworld/Waterworld


Monique Dotson is simply a gift to the fitness community. Her friendly and endearing manner draws her students in immediately. She teaches her classes with such care and concern for each student. People are instantly enchanted by her class, her ability, and her personality. The Godly spirit that she has from her faith enables her to teach a great workout. You will be challenged by her workout, and you will love Monique! Don’t miss an incredible opportunity to practice yoga with this great lady.

KRISTY BROWN – Fitness Director, Second Baptist   Church